Free At Last! A Poem

This is the poem I wrote – and performed – in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Free At Last!

Hash tag:
#Take one last drag.
Won’t mash my rags with yours.
Close those doors!  MY home, home ALONE.

Head don’t want to think,
Mind’s a Kitchen sink…
Skating rink, carving fine figure 8’s…
Not too late to figure out why —

Why I doubt?
Why WE silence the song?
What’s gone wrong?

Safety first!  Hug that purse –
Don’t come close ‘cause I’m — home—
Looking out
Relishing – my – Doubt

TV on, kickin’ back watching
Watching no-body I know
Doing nothing that matters,
Useless, empty chatter
Inside a house built for this!?
Just like mine.
My abode.
My home.  Home ALONE.

I abide
Away from pull of the tide,
Just me, thinking:
“I    am    FREE!”

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